NBHA Hall of Fame

In this section of the website we pay tribute to some of the great dogs and handlers that came before us. These NBHA Hall of Fame inductees helped make our sport what it is today.

The NBHA Hall of Fame is designed to recognize outstanding individuals and animals that have made a major contribution to the NBHA. Summarized Qualifications

The person can be living or deceased. The listing of qualifications is in order of importance and at least three of the top eight should be met for people.
1. Breeder of champions and important winners
2. Trainer of own dogs
3. Handler of own dogs to important NBHA wins
4. Provider of grounds
5. NBHA National, State, and / or Club officer
6. Longevity in NBHA trialing
7. Judging in NBHA Classic and Championship trials and other important events at a national level
8. A mentor to new NBHA trialers and clubs
9. Sportsmanship and Integrity
10. Supporter of Professionals
11. Amateur and Professionals qualify equally

All dogs nominated must be deceased. Eligible dogs should have been trialed extensively in major NBHA events. Significant NBHA winners who also won other important stakes outside of NBHA may have their overall record considered. Dogs that have sired or whelped multiple significant NBHA winners may be considered for HOF induction despite an otherwise limited trial record in NBHA events. All qualifications for dogs below should be given substantially equal weight.
1. Performance / wins in NBHA competition
2. Importance of wins, e.g. Regional and National Championship placements
3. Dogs only occasionally competed in NBHA stakes must have an otherwise exceptional record along with a significant placement in an NBHA event to be considered. This dog may be better nominated to the National Field Trial Hall of Fame rather than the NBHA
4. Longevity at a high performance level
5. Male breeding impact on NBHA trialing at a local, regional or national level including the NBHA Futurity
6. Female production with impact in NBHA trials at a local, regional or national level including the NBHA Futurity.

Nominations should be submitted to the NBHA National President with a copy to the NBHA National Secretary prior to the Annual Summer meeting. Additional nominations may be accepted from the floor at the discretion of the NBHA President with written documentation of the nominee's qualifications expected at the time. The NBHA officers and State Directors each have a vote with a majority in attendance required for election to the NBHA Hall of Fame. Electees' to the Hall of Fame will be honored at the NBHA National Open Championship the following spring. Appropriate pictures and plague of each Hall of Fame honoree will be placed at the National Bird Dog Museum at Grand Junction, TN.

Year Hall of Fame Dogs
2006 CH Honky Tonk Attitude
2007 CH Fiddlin Rocky Boy
2008 CH Curvin's Cloudy Knight
2012 CH Trail Boss Grover
2013 CH Honky Tonk Gigilo
2013 CH Redrock's Addition Gal
2014 CH Admiral War Bond
2014 CH Attitudes High Finance
2015 CH L's Busy Bee
2017 CH Sebrof's Alpha Chief
2020 Hobb's Silver Belle
2022 HiFive's Passin Time
2024 Blair's Witch Project
Year Home of Fame Handler
2022 Tom Woods
2020 Larry Carpenter
2020 Glenn Cumbie
2018 Stan Wint
2017 Ron Kimberly
2016 Oscar Whitt
2015 Harold Woodward
2015 Scott Miller
2014 Arnold Hall
2014 Ken Tolbert
2013 Terry Smith
2013 Buddy Smith
2008 Gene Swadley
2007 John Everett
2007 Charles Aston
2006 Gearl Euliss
2006 Leland Davis
2002 Colonel Buddy James
2002 Bob Catlett
2002 Billy K. Forbes
2002 Dan Smith
2002 Dempsey Williams
2002 Elmer Brese
2002 Hoppy Hopson
2002 Jeff Hardy
2002 Jerry Kilgore
2002 Jewel Spurlock
2002 Jim Hoy