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Nominated Litters

35th NBHA Futurity - 35th NBHA Futurity

Eligible Dogs : January 1 2019 - December 31 2019

Litters born after January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.
Dogs from nominated litters are eligible to run in the 35th NBHA Futurity in the Spring of 2021.
Dogs are also eligible to run in the Jerry Kilgore Puppy Classic in the Spring of 2020.

Litter Number 035-EP-01
Sire Whippoorwill Justified
Dam Greg's Wild Ivy
Whelped Date May 7 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-02
Sire Fast Forwards BK Gunner
Dam Wiggin's Miss Stella
Whelped Date March 4 2019

Litter Number 35-IS-01
Sire Zansett's Simply Red
Dam Lincoln's Steady Brook
Whelped Date June 27 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-03
Sire Alabama Snowatch
Dam Plum Branch Dilly Dilly
Whelped Date January 3 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-04
Sire Lester's Sunny Hill Joe
Dam D J's Miss Betty
Whelped Date April 9 2019

Litter Number 35-ES-01
Sire Trooper's Money Boy
Dam Beach Creek Iron Jill
Whelped Date June 1 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-05
Sire Miller's Speed Dial
Dam Lester's Wild Sally
Whelped Date March 20 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-06
Sire Sugarknoll Warpaint
Dam Sizzlin Julie
Whelped Date January 11 2019

Litter Number 35-ES-02
Sire Bugs N Dirt
Dam Iron Afire
Whelped Date January 31 2019

Litter Number 35-ES-3
Sire Ponderosa Mac
Dam Orionstar Hippie Lyra
Whelped Date February 9 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-07
Sire Dominator's Rebel Heir
Dam Premier's Toxic
Whelped Date January 24 2019

Litter Number 35-ES-04
Sire Vitali's Grouseringer Tony
Dam Vitali's Grouseringer Purdy
Whelped Date January 18 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-08
Sire Allegretto's Ralphie
Dam Caladen's River Hawk
Whelped Date July 15 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-09
Sire Erin's Wild Justice
Dam Low Country Snow
Whelped Date January 2 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-10
Sire BK Pablo Escobar
Dam BK Miss Millie
Whelped Date April 21 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-11
Sire Lester's Sunny Hill Joe
Dam Beane's Line Dancer
Whelped Date May 12 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-12
Sire Lester's Storm Surge
Dam Seldom Rest Nellie
Whelped Date April 24 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-13
Sire Chelsea's Thunder Bolt
Dam Lacey Underall
Whelped Date January 8 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-14
Sire Wild Covey Shockwave
Dam Rawhide's Fibber Full Moon
Whelped Date January 11 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-15
Sire Lindley's Thin Ice
Dam Lindley's Runtellthat
Whelped Date January 12 2019

Litter Number 35-ES-05
Sire Emert's Show Me Mo
Dam Emert's Drivin Miss Daisy
Whelped Date April 13 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-16
Sire Brush Country Specture
Dam Travis Rocky's Jubilee
Whelped Date March 24 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-17
Sire Stoney Run's Buddy
Dam Legendary
Whelped Date January 17 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-18
Sire Chelsea's Thunder Bolt
Dam Babe Of Flint River
Whelped Date June 13 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-19
Sire Chelsea's Thunder Bolt
Dam Upfront's Southern Star
Whelped Date April 12 2019

Litter Number 35-ES-06
Sire Southwin Mike
Dam TT's Southern Miss
Whelped Date January 5 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-20
Sire Indian Creek Perfect Storm
Dam Indian Creek High Tide
Whelped Date May 27 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-21
Sire Pinstripes
Dam Pina Colada
Whelped Date April 4 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-22
Sire Glassilaun War Paint
Dam Little Miss Bella
Whelped Date April 20 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-23
Sire Lester's Sunny Hill Joe
Dam Tall Grass Piper
Whelped Date January 10 2019

Litter Number 35-ES-07
Sire Tomoka's Final Sport
Dam Miss Shamrock
Whelped Date November 16 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-24
Sire Daniels Creek White Hawk
Dam Crow Creek Deuce
Whelped Date October 31 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-25
Sire Touch's Smooth Rider
Dam Touch's Conference Call
Whelped Date March 12 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-26
Sire Dunn's Tried and True
Dam Yale's Sunny Hill Dot
Whelped Date April 23 2019

Litter Number 35-ES-08
Sire Fabius River Bad Habit
Dam Penrosa Jane Doe
Whelped Date June 11 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-27
Sire Jimfork's Jackson
Dam JimForks HiFive Lady
Whelped Date March 9 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-28
Sire Jimfork's Sunny Hill Jack
Dam Jimfork's Katie Hawk
Whelped Date September 1 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-29
Sire Lester's Sunny Hill Joe
Dam Alivia's Little Lucy
Whelped Date January 5 2019

Litter Number 35-ES-09
Sire White Rock Boulder Dash
Dam White Rock Elegant Haste
Whelped Date February 21 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-30
Sire Erin's Red Rum
Dam Peach Twist
Whelped Date May 19 2019

Litter Number 35-ES-10
Sire Tomoka's Smokin Big Red
Dam White Girl Wasted
Whelped Date August 8 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-31
Sire Hirollins Talkin Smack
Dam Premier's Parolee
Whelped Date July 30 2019

Litter Number 35-IS-02
Sire Cedar Creek Six Gun
Dam Cedar Creek Ciara
Whelped Date July 12 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-32
Sire Ninnescah Trumpeter
Dam Bye Bye G G
Whelped Date January 19 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-33
Sire Simmons Louie Attitude
Dam Dominator's Rebel Rose
Whelped Date March 6 2019

Litter Number 35-EP-34
Sire Rock Acre Shorstop
Dam Frozen Desert Blizzard
Whelped Date August 26 2019

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